Olympique de Marseille, football match and hotel stay

Welcome to the south of France, in the heart of Provence, in Marseille.

And when we think Marseille, we think Football! Whether you are an avid supporter or a football fan, the Stade Vélodrome is a must-see.

The matches of OM move crowds and the atmosphere is particularly passionate! Tickets are not necessarily given but you will see that you will remember it for a long time! Also enjoy a tour of the stadium and backstage outside of the matches.

Real exchange place, Marseille is very accessible both by air and by train, the TGV station connects Paris-Marseille in about 3 hours. Whether you come to attend an OM match or for a city tour, Marseille won’t leave you, for sure, indifferent.

Calendar of the OM football matches, season 2018-2019 at the Stade Vélodrome

You wish to attend a match of the Olympique de Marseille this season? Find the schedules of the matches:

Tuesday 05/02/19: OM - Bordeaux - 7pm - League 1
Saturday 02/16/19: OM - Amiens - 8pm - League 1

Saturday 02/03/19: OM - Saint-Etienne - 8pm - League 1
Saturday 09/03/19: OM - Nice - 8pm - League 1
Sunday 31/03/19: OM - Angers - 8pm - League 1

Saturday 13/04/19: OM - Nimes - 8pm - League 1
Sunday 28/04/19: OM - Nantes - 8pm - League 1

Sunday 12/05/19: OM - Lyon - 9pm - League 1
Saturday 25/05/19: OM - Montpellier - 8pmh - League 1

Your stay in our apartment hotel near Orange Vélodrome stadium

You proudly support the Olympique de Marseille team and you come to attend a match at the Stade Vélodrome?

Our aparthotel City Résidence Marseille, located in the 12th arrondissement of Marseille, in the district of La Timone, is only 5 km from the Stade Vélodrome. A stay in our aparthotel will allow you to get there in about fifteen minutes by car. Our private and secured parking guarantee you a peace of mind.

Book your cheap hotel near the Velodrome stadium to assist to one of the OM matches and support your favourite team.

Take the opportunity to discover the most beautiful places of Marseille: the old port, the Cannebière...

In addition to its football gem, Marseille is also the sound of the cicadas, the Mediterranean Sea and a historic centre reflecting the colours of Southern France.

Among the things you should not miss during your stay in Marseille: its historic city centre. Very lively, it extends from the hill of Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde to the port of Joliette and the more you will walk through the streets, the more you will discover the architectural richness of the city reflecting perfectly the Mediterranean look.

Also known for its sublime Canebière, the Old Port or the remarkable Calanques, a stay in Marseille will surprise in several beautiful ways.